We now know what Will Smith will look and sound like when he appears as Genie in Disney’s Aladdin remake. Are you truly ready?

The big question hovering over this picture was who they could possibly get to replace the irreplaceable Robin Williams. It was later announced they had settled for Will Smith. Disney waited quite a long time to show us what that looks like. Last night, during the Grammys, they dared to give us our first look….and now we know why they were hiding Genie for so long.

This is about the level of CGI we would see on “Once Upon A Time” when that was running. Some have compared Smith here to the Navi from Avatar, but the difference is, the Navi looked much more realistic by comparison. This floaty thing with a buff body, gigantic neck and plastic skin….well, he makes ME think of the CGI Dwayne Johnson that showed up in the climax of The Mummy Returns. It’s that bad.

And the one line of dialogue we get…”You really don’t know who I am? Wishes, Genie, Lamp….none ‘a that ringin’ a bell?” It’s that kind of “lazy sass” writing that makes me cringe. You’re not funny, Dad!

But if you don’t like the way this looks, America, you have only yourself to blame. Who rewarded Disney with piles of cash when all they did was reshoot Beauty and the Beast with real people and creepy “realistic” furniture with faces? That’s why you’re getting this, and the shot-for-shot redo of The Lion King later this year.

As for Aladdin, it’s coming out May 24 — two weeks after Avengers 4, so perhaps no one will notice this time. I can only hope.