Hewes Pictures, the only short film distributor in the United States, will be releasing the unique sci-fi picture AI Tales on both the big and small screens this weekend. Rather than one long narrative, this is a collection of short stories from various directors: SEED by Nelson Lee, IN/FINITE by Kristen Hilkert, PHOENIX 9 by Amir Reichart, REDUX by Vitaly Verlov and JULIET by Marc-Henri Boulier.

Hewes will be premiering AI Tales in Somerville Theater, Boston from June 8th through the 14th. Here’s what awaits you…

The film is made up of futuristic, high concept stories about artificial intelligence. Whether it’s love found in time of over-population or exploration of the unknown and space-travel, “A.I. Tales” has a bit of something for every fan of the genre. Altogether, these stories provide a one-of-a-kind experience and a unique view of the near future.

We don’t just have one trailer for AI Tales, we have two. Check out the trailer for Nelson Lee’s SEED…..

…and the trailer for Vitaly Verlov’s REDUX.

If you don’t live near the location in which AI Tales is playing, the anthology will also be available to stream on Amazon.

AI Tales