Last year, the long-running MMORPG AdventureQuest got a lot of renewed attention for hosting a KORN concert within their game. Now they’re doing it again — but not with KORN.

A special event starring the band Breaking Benjamin is now in the game. The portal to reach it is located in the middle of Battleon. Step in the portal to teleport to the concert area, or ask a concert promoter in town to take you there.

Once there, you can kick back and enjoy the music….if you want to die. Sorry, but this is still a video game. While Breaking Benjamin performs their hit songs “So Cold”, “Failure”, and “Torn in Two,” you’ll be leaping around floating rocks and battling monsters.

This will be the 1st battle concert in AdventureQuest 3D to feature parkour, portals, and titan monster fights. This allows the player’s to do more than just battle monsters. The floating platforms surrounding the stage create our optional parkour feature, while the battle happens around them. They can determine which of the two titans also fighting in the background will become the final boss to earn its unique loot. 

Here’s some welcome news….past AdventureQuest concert events have offered VIP tickets you can purchase that allow you to go backstage and take avatar selfies with the stars. But in the Breaking Benjamin concert, you can go backstage for free! The selfies also cost nothing, and you can pick up some bonus quests at Yulgar’s Inn (in the AdventureQuest 3D version).

You’ll have a lot of time to experience this started February 18 and will be running for at least two weeks. And it can be played in both AdventureQuest 3D (the one-player version of the game) and AdventureQuest Worlds (the multiplayer version).

AdventureQuest is playable on iOS, Android and PC via Steam.

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