You May Never See The Nevers, But You Can Try


HBO’s The Nevers has to be one of the unluckiest TV shows in recent memory, and definitive proof it’s impossible to predict how a Hollywood project will turn out. It premiered with great fanfare in early 2021. At this point series creator Joss Whedon was just starting to lose his sterling reputation, but he had bailed on the series mid-production anyway, so it didn’t seem like that connection would harm the show too much.

Then the following sequence of events happened: HBO put the other half of Season 1 on hiatus for no clear reason; AT&T sold Warner Bros to Discovery; the head of Discovery went on a mindless massacre that included The Nevers in the pile of victims; and the six released episodes were taken off HBO Max with no indication they would reappear anywhere else OR that the unreleased six would ever publicly appear.

Now we’re hearing the entire series has been licensed out to free-streaming channels Tubi and Roku, but there’s a catch there too. Tubi is getting them first and NOT offering them on demand. The unaired second half of The Nevers will debut unceremoniously on Tubi’s WB TV Watchlist Channel, and at a time of day when most people will be at work.

Monday, February 13

12:39 pm ET The Nevers Ep 101 “Pilot” TV-MA

1:48 pm The Nevers Ep 102 “Exposure” TV-MA

2:53 pm The Nevers Ep 103 “Ignition” TV-MA

3:52 pm The Nevers Ep 104 “Undertaking” TV-MA

4:52 pm The Nevers Ep 105 “Hanged” TV-MA

Tuesday, February 14

1:28 pm ET The Nevers Ep 106 “True” TV-MA

2:38 pm The Nevers Ep 107 “It’s a Good Day” TV-MA

3:46 pm The Nevers Ep 108 “I Don’t Know Enough About You” TV-MA

4:47 pm The Nevers Ep 109 “Fever” TV-MA

Wednesday, February 15

2:40 pm The Nevers Ep 110 “Alright, Okay, You Win” TV-MA

3:45 pm The Nevers Ep 111 “Ain’t We Got Fun” TV-MA

4:50 pm The Nevers Ep 112 “I’ll Be Seeing You” TV-MA

If you miss these showings, and you probably will since there’s no easy means of recording them, Tubi won’t be airing the show again until March 1. The series will also appear on the Roku Channel, and it will be streamable on-demand THERE (with ads), but this isn’t happening until an undisclosed time in the spring.

All these events were out of The Nevers’ control and no fault of its own. Big business just made an expensive program and then self-sabotaged it to death, as it is prone to do. It’s a wacky world.

[Source: TVLine]