Uncork’d Announces Monsternado For November


Uncork’d Entertainment has announced they’re publishing Monsternado on DVD and digital platforms next month.

So you want to make a movie about a tornado filled with apex predators, but sharks have been done to death. Guess the only thing left to do is shove as many creatures as you possibly can into one. The titular Monsternado has not just sharks, but octopi, crocodiles, dinosaurs (just go with it), and some monsters they completely made up. And it’s headed for a big city!

Where’d it come from? The Bermuda Triangle, that catch-all for unexplained phenomena. That’s their excuse for how it can have prehistoric extinct animals (they’re alive IN THERE, you see) and how it can exist in the first place.

This is where we’d tell you who’s starring in the film, but ah, they won’t give us that information. Perhaps those people would rather remain anonymous.  Nevertheless, they DID make Monsternado and it can’t be stopped now.

“Another fantastic film from Tyler James, whose THE LOCH NESS MONSTER also releases in November, MONSTERNADO is fun, frightening and brimming with some very cool special effects sequences,” said Keith Leopard, President of Uncork’d Entertainment.

Monsternado will be released on digital and DVD November 14.

Monsternado, which fills a tornado with ALL of the scariest creatures, will sweep onto digital platforms this November from Uncork’d Entertainment. A tornado, infested with prehistoric monsters, has formed in the Bermuda Triangle, and is making its way towards land. Megalodon, Pterodactyls, Giant Octopuses, Crocodiles, and more attack – now the city must fight to survive against these deadly creatures.