The Most HYPE Moments From Awesome Games Done Quick 2023


Awesome Games Done Quick raked in over 2.6 million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation this year, and had a lot of fun while doing it. Dozens of the world’s most popular video games were broken into pieces by the Earth’s quickest speedrunners on live camera. GDQ has preserved the whole thing on their Youtube channel, run by run. Since it would take literally a week to watch everything, we have pared down the list to these essential moments. Here are the best speedruns of the bunch:

This one you’re gonna have to start before anything else, as there were constant jokes and references about it throughout the rest of the event. This is a playthrough of Portal…but without the portal gun. How is it beatable in that case? Because runner Msushi has a hack of the game that teleports an airboat from Half-Life 2 into the testing area whenever he pushes a button. He navigates the entire game by conjuring airboats to help him speed around, clip through walls, and in some cases climb impossible heights by stacking airboats on top of each other. “Airboat” became THE meme of AGDQ 2023 after this.

Skybilz is one of the hosts, but she can also speedrun pretty well, and she proves it by handing the nightmare that is the Super Mario All-Stars Shuffler. This hack teleports you between Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and World at 30 to 90 second intervals, basically forcing you to play them all at once, one minute at a time. It’s worth watching just for Skybilz’ reaction to constantly being shifted into bad situations.

The Awful Block returns with some of the most bizarre games ever! FlannelKat dug up Yolanda: The Ultimate Challenge, an ancient PC DOS game that seems to have pioneered the kaizo platformer before there was known to be such a thing. The game is completely unfair and looks like a nightmare to play. Glad it’s not us!

Salamander County Public Television is a more recent weirdity (you can buy it on all modern platforms right now). A twist on WarioWare, only twenty times more bizarre, you’re asked to do random things like pick the word “beans” from a lineup of words or carefully steer a car with mushrooms for wheels. If you’re confused, it’s better experienced than described.

Title is self-explanatory.

Lizard Lady Vs The Cats is a short one (and motion sickness inducing) but host Asuka424 sounds like a cool person.

Shifting gears away from the Awful Block, this Super Mario Galaxy 2 race from a few days earlier is notable for runner ImJhay setting a new world record for the game, live on camera. He beat the existing record for SMG2 by two minutes!

Lotta weird games this year even outside of the Awful Block. In Fashion Police Squad you’re a cop with a gun that instantly dresses criminals in stylish outfits.

“BS Legend of Zelda”? Who would think such a thing? Actually it’s the Japan-exclusive SNES version of the original Legend of Zelda game, which was broadcast via satellite through a special attachment (“Broadcast Satellite” is what BS stands for here). Because it’s the same game as the first, but with SNES graphics and rearranged dungeons. it’s regarded as the “Third Quest.”

Note that I’m still going through the playlist and I may be updating this post later with additional videos I think are good.

The next event is Summer Games Done Quick, which is being held super-early this year: May 28 through June 4. It won’t even technically be summer yet! We’re not sure why it was moved up, but sooner is better than later!