Netflix Games Continues To Struggle


99.99999% of American consumers don’t know this, but Netflix has a video game division. If you have a subscription, you have access to hundreds of games you never knew about, many of them quite good. And the reason no one knows this is due to two factors:

  1. Netflix does not promote their video game service at all, ever
  2. It’s exclusive to mobile devices

The number of Netflixers who use the game service has always hovered around 1% and Netflix is kinda tired of it. However, they have no clue how to fix this problem, according to the Wall Street Journal. The suits are currently batting around ideas, all of which are terrible and none of which are “some kind of ad campaign that reveals the service exists.”

  1. Add in-app purchases to the games
  2. Put ads in the games
  3. “Charging premiums,” which means you’d have to pay extra to access some of them

Would any of that make you MORE likely to use Netflix Games? The company has blown one billion on this venture so far. I think they need to take a basic psychology course on how humans think, because they’re having a hard time understanding them.

Netflix Games launched in October 2021, and now contains a library of 86 games, with plans to double that amount in the future. Yet it seems inevitably destined for the same scrap heap as Google Stadia unless someone competent is put in charge. To date, the only company that has successfully launched a subscription service for video games is Microsoft, whose Game Pass already had a built-in audience of hardcore gamers from the Xbox.