Hunter X: code name T Is Now On Switch


Hunter X: code name T is an action-based Metroidvania from Korean developer Orange Popcorn that launched on Steam last December. It makes its console debut as of today with its launch on Switch in America and Europe.

Hunter X: code name T is the sequel to HunterX, a similar title that was released in 2022. In that game you played as a young teenage devil hunter who ends up following her target through a crack in spacetime into another world — and has to battle a lot of monsters to get back out. The sequel stars a different character, with the same occupation…but this time the monster world is even bigger, the number of weapons and items you can collect is even greater and the enemies are more ferocious than before.

Embark on a fateful journey through a world straddling the past and future, as the devil hunter Taiyo seeks to confront his own identity and vanquish formidable foes under the luminous glow of the returning Purple Moon.

Hunter X: code name T is now available on two machines (PC and Switch). No indication of a PS5 or XBox release yet.