Dated & Related Make out with your date while her overprotective brother is watching


Dated & Related is the most awkward and uncomfortable dating reality show in existence. Pairs of siblings will go to a tropical Island to find love. Netflix is no Stranger to dating reality shows with a weird concept. We have Love is Blind, where people who can’t see each other will try to connect through conversations only. There is Too hot to handle where extremely attractive horndogs got forbidden from having sex, or they will lose the prize money, and there is Sexy Beast, a show with a nightmare-inducing trailer.

On every date, their brother or sister is the chaperone and vice versa. Public display of affection is typical in dating reality shows because contestants want to find chemistry with the participant. The Lead of The Bachelor or Bachelorette makes out with multiple contestants so they can find a connection in a short period of time.
Everyone can see all those PDAs, but the people who did them never did so with a family member looking on. My mom and dad don’t make out or kiss when my siblings and I are not around. I do not think I can kiss a guy while my brother is watching. Nobody wants to see their family members in compromising positions.
In this Dated & Related , you can’t get separated from your brother or sister, which makes the situation all the more unpleasant. While dating, you’ll be there for them monitoring, and vice versa.

Dated & Related Official teaser

There is an awkward moment in the trailer where the guy is asking his date to make out but his overprotective brother.

The Official cast

A Pair of Brothers or sisters may seem more manageable, but the Brother/Sister duos have a more challenging time getting a date. You can join these family members on their unsettling quest for love this Sept. 2 at Netflix.