Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom: The Lost Trailer


The new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer is out. Will Black Manta have to kill Aquaman to have a chance at killing Aquaman? Let’s watch and find out.

This is it, folks: this is the last remaining scrap of the Old DC Cinematic Universe before the new James Gunn-led guard takes over. The first Aquaman was a relatively nice-sized hit for WB, but nothing is guaranteed in this Superhero Fatigue plagued world, especially for a continuity everyone knows is being abandoned and doesn’t matter. We doubt Aquaman 2 will sell very well. But it’s happening anyway.

It’s several years after Aquaman 1 in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, and our hero has settled down in Atlantis with his wife Mera and their new baby kid. But Black Manta is also still around and hasn’t given up on his goal to destroy Arthur Curry and rule Atlantis. He wants to kill Aquaman! He wants to kill him TO DEATH!

Black Manta is so filled with rage he makes a pact with a very evil, very green sea demon to free him if he’ll help in Black Manta’s goals. Problem is, the key to opening his prison seems to be “the blood of the Royal Family” which may mean he’ll have to kill Aquaman to have a chance at killing Aquaman.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom The Lost Trailer

Given what a dead end this film is, I would have gone for broke if I were director James Wan. I would have had Black Manta LITERALLY DESTROY ATLANTIS and then had Arthur and Mr. Manta slug it out viciously until one of them dies — or they both die. Show what an actual ending to a superhero film would be like, instead of endless sequel bait. This is their one chance. But even though several of these clips look pretty apocalyptic, we doubt that’s what they’re going for.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom comes out December 22.