Having defeated Dr. Wily’s most expensive robot boss ever, Gold Man, Mega Man has now gained Gold Man’s ability of being solid gold. However, this means he fell directly through the first platform of the next stage, which collapsed under his weight. He really should’ve saved that stage for last.

Mega Man turned 30 last year, and Capcom celebrated in many ways, from collections of all Mega Man and Mega Man X games, to Mega Man 11. But perhaps their most extravagant effort at marking the Blue Bomber’s birthday is this four-inch-tall figure in his likeness: it’s 3.2 ounces of solid gold. Nothing less!

Capcom has put the Mega Man figure up for sale at a price of 2.4 million yen, or $22,000 American dollars. They anticipated that perhaps not ALL their fans were so loaded, so they are also providing a low-cost alternative: a 0.7 ounce Mega Man figure, also made of solid gold, that measures 2.3 inches and costs $6227. Anyone can afford that, right?

The rest of us who can’t will have to settle for Mega Man 11, which comes out October 2 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC.