It hasn’t been that long since “Ghostbusters: Answer The Call,” the divisive reboot directed by Paul Feig that appeared in theaters ’round 2016. In pre-anticipation of the film’s inevitable success, Sony established a division within its company dubbed “Ghost Corps,” devoted to expanding and spreading the Ghostbusters brand with sequels, spinoffs and Cinematic Universes.

Then “Answer The Call” underperformed, and Sony brushed all those plans off the desk.

Now it appears they’ve had second thoughts. People still love the 1984 original, after all, and the 80s cartoon still has a lot of fans. The comic books by IDW still do well. Why kill the entire brand over just one movie? Sony has decided to give it one more shot.

Actually, it appears they made this decision months ago, because what they just announced is far enough along to have a teaser trailer. No actors are seen (in fact no one may even be cast yet) but the message is clear. Ember Bernstein music, theramin, Ecto 1, proton pack sounds…..SUMMER 2020!

Besides this, details are light. It will be directed by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman (the director of the original). According to THR, “sources say that Reitman is on the lookout to cast four teens in the movie, two boys and two girls.” It’s quite possible these are the people who form the new team. We do know the surviving actors from the original have refused offers to revive their characters several times.

Unlike Answer The Call, this will not be a reboot….it will take place within the continuity of the previous two movies, effectively making it Ghostbusters 3 (even if they don’t decide to call it that).

We will learn more about Ghostbusters 3 in the upcoming months.

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