Season 3 of Wynonna Earp ended on a cliffhanger, and unfortunately, we may have to wait longer to find out what happens next. Season 4 has been delayed.

The whole mess went public when actress Melanie Scrofano, who plays the title character, innocently tweeted out “Uh, shouldn’t the fourth season have started filming by now? Normally this is when we start.” With the insular way Hollywood works, not everyone is kept in the loop on such things, including people you’d think would be. Then series showrunner Emily Andras responded with these words, which freaked the fanbase OUT and spawned the trending hashtag #FightForWynonna.

Sources in connection with the series were forced to go public with the truth, and we learned something about the inner workings of Wynonna Earp no one was aware of before: SyFy doesn’t produce the show. Despite their name being slapped on it, the series is actually financed by IDW Entertainment — the book publisher that printed the original comic book the show is based on. In fact, IDW currently produces more than one TV series….you know that Locke and Key show announced late last year? It’s one of theirs.

So, though SyFy would prefer Wynonna Earp move forward so they can run the next season this summer, they cannot do a thing to make that season happen unless IDW gives the thumbs up. “I hear IDW Entertainment has indicated that it is experiencing financial difficulties, running a deficit, and cannot proceed with production on a fourth season at this time,” says a reporter from Deadline.

Presumably, IDW signed a contract not just with SyFy but with Space in Canada, Netflix for streaming rights, etc….and if they don’t fulfill what they’re obligated to produce, they could be in trouble. For that reason, I can’t imagine the company can delay this season for very long. At the worst, I hope this doesn’t mean they’re on the verge of collapse. This isn’t just about Wynonna Earp — IDW produces a lot of things that would be sorely missed. We want to see that Locke & Key season!

The public exposure of how Wynonna’s sausage is made also exposed this fact: SyFy renewed the show last year for TWO seasons, not one, and they probably planned to hide this fact until Comic-Con when they could dramatically reveal Season 5. We’ll try to act surprised.