Forbidden Door Between WWE and Impact Wrestling finally opens?


Forbidden Door is a Wrestling Term when Wrestling promotions make a talent exchange to make some kind of crossover. WWE used to do talent exchange back in the 80s and 90s but those doors closed down.

In the Last few years AEW, Ring Of Honor, NWA and Impact wrestling had opened the Forbidden Door for their talents.  This gives way for fresh matchups. It also gives way for reunion matches for rivals who got separated by working in different companies.

WWE got a lot of Negative publicity for releasing lots of talents because of the excuse of budget cuts. Despite the fact, the company’s earnings are at an all-time high. The unnecessary firings made the roster not as deep and it makes filling spots for the upcoming Royal Rumble hard to fill.

The shortage of Wrestlers now makes WWE open the gates of the Forbidden Door with Impact Wrestling.

Last Year WWE fired Mickie James for the 2nd time and she came back to N.W.A  which has a Forbidden Door relationship with Impact Wrestling. She won the Knockouts Championship of Impact Wrestling. Now, As the Knockouts Champion, Mickie James will compete at the Royal Rumble for a chance to be a champion for 2 different companies. Back in WWE her entrance song is Obsession but now she wrestles in Impact.

We might here the Song, Hardcore Country as her entrance song in WWE.

If WWE and Impact will open the Forbidden Doors, It can solve WWE’s problem of not having a deep roster after a massacre of releases. It can give Impact Talents and former WWE wrestlers that wrestle in Impact to be in a WWE ring again. Underutilized Wrestlers of WWE can also crossover to Impact so they can win titles. Impact Wrestlers can get exposure to WWE fans if this relationship will commence.

I do hope this is not limited to the Royal Rumble. WWE currently has a Thin Roster because the CEO Nick Khan is on a releasing spree. The Forbidden Door can help WWE’s problem of having a thin roster.