Indie dev studio Team Jolly Roger is about to unleash Worbital around the hemisphere. A follow-up to their previous game Interplanetary, Worbital is a real-time strategy combat simulator in space, with conflicts and weaponry as over-the-top as the setting. Your goal is simply to be the last civilization standing.

Players will command planets that bristle with gigantic guns and lasers, exotic fortifications like planetary shields, and even maniacal doomsday weapons such as the World Rammer. They will need these in the ever-shifting battlefield of a star system, where a foe can be worlds away one moment and right in your orbit the next. With both online and local multiplayer, as well as skirmishes versus AI, the potential for pandemonium is limitless.

“Worbital is almost here, finally! Exciting times!” crows the official statement from Team Jolly Roger. “We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful Discord community, which grew beyond our expectations during the Worbital beta. Their feedback has been priceless in helping us create a game that we hope can stand proud among its venerable artillery-strategy ancestors. We want Worbital to be the kind of wacky, fun game that people gather around and enjoy playing together.”

Be sure to check out Worbital when it appears on Steam January 31. Versions for all modern consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One) are also planned.