Women of Marvel, A Marvel Even in celebration of Women’s History Month


Women of Marvel is a limited Comic Anthology celebrating Women’s History Month because Marvel does have Amazing Heroines. There won’t be a Men with Boobs trope on this Anthology because this comic compilation will exclusively feature female writers and illustrators. Of course, some men can write female characters powerfully, but there is a more authentic feel when women write female characters.

Marvel has a diverse army of female Superheroines that fans grow up with throughout the years. International Women’s Month is an excellent opportunity to honour these comic book icons.

Each Adventure will represent stories that focus on fan-favourite female Marvel characters. More Emphasis on fan favourites as the polarizing characters are not on the trailer. (Sorry Fans of Trailblazer, Cycloplass, She-Thing, Iron Heart, and Pregnant Spider-Woman)

Women of Marvel Trailer

The first episode will have the following stories made by women for women and men who are allies.

Black Cat will launch off the event with her own exploits and heists without the radioactive friendly neighbourhood. Preeti Chribber, Ann Molina, and Jen Bartel will collaborate on her episode. Next, Mirka Sumeyye Kesgin teams up to give The Scarlet Witch the flamboyance to show she is THAT BITCH! Finally, Jordie Bellaire and Zoe Thorogood will let us Join Jessica Jones in one of her investigations.


The Unlikely duo of Squirrel Girl and Black Widow will give us Action and Comedy written by Charlie Jane Anders and Emma Kubert. Rhianna Pratchett (Writer of the Tomb Raider 2013 Reboot) and Aleena Erofeeva will reintroduce us to Silver Sable and Shanna the She-Devil. They also teased a future episode involving the women of X-men. It’s terrific to see them back into the limelight after Perlmutter tried to make people forget about the X-Men.

Marvel made their twitter announcement!

Women of Marvel will be available for sale and hit the shelves tomorrow!