Why Resident evil: Code Veronica deserves a remake and why it wont get any?


Resident Evil: Code Veronica deserves to get a remake because it’s a crucial part of the canon. Resident evil 4 is less important lore wise but it became the bigger game.

Code Veronica is chronologically the next chapter after The raccoon city incident. This chapter was originally going to be Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, it ends up as a stand-alone un-numbered sequel because of Sega Dreamcast.

During its time it was the most graphically impressive Resident evil game but now the game didn’t age well.Resident Evil: Code Veronica is crucial to the lore’s canon. First, it is the reunion of the Redfield Siblings. Claire’s motive in Resident Evil 2 is to find her brother Chris. Second, it relaunches Albert Wesker as the iconic villain of the franchise. Third, This game is the set up for Umbrella’s end. Umbrella’s end is an important chapter in the Resident evil lore. Sadly not adapted into a full game. End of Umbrella was wasted as a Chapter for Umbrella Chronicles.. I believe this chapter can work as a DLC for a Code Veronica remake. They can simply repurpose Chris’ model and add Jill in the game. There are also fans who loved the Romantic Connection between Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside.


Resident evil 4 ends up having a higher chance of getting a remake because it is more successful than Code Veronica.

It is a multiplatform game that got released in different consoles while Code Veronica was launched on a Dead on arrival console. Capcom is known for recycling assets and the Assets of Resident evil Village is closer to Resident evil 4. The biggest Hindrance to a Code Veronica Remake right now is one of the villains.  Alfred Ashford  is the twin brother of the main Antagonist Alexia Ashford.  His sister hibernated so she can perfect the Veronica Virus she injected to herself.  That drove him inside and made him crossdress as his sister. Alfred might be offensive to the current PC culture.

The closest thing Code Veronica had to a remake is Resident evil: Darkside Chronicles.