On September 16, UDX Interactive launched the Kickstarter for their AI-driven PC RPG, Wheel Of Fate. Less than a day later, it had earned its entire goal of $18,810 in pledges. And it’s got 29 days to go from there!

So what made people jump at the chance to pledge? Probably the fact that Wheel Of Fate is a unique concept. You are the protector of a place called Kismet Falls, which constantly changes shape thanks to the titular Wheel of Fate. AI is not only part of the plot but part of the game’s very engine. The environments will be affected by your choices and how you spin the Wheel. Each dungeon you explore will be radically different.

“We believe that because we introduced a gaming concept so unique and robust that our backers were fully on board with us from the start,” said Daniel Vivona, CEO and co-founder of UDX Interactive. “With this funding, we intend to expand on what already exists and bring and endless amount of possibilities to Wheel of Fate. We won’t let our fans down.”

  • Artificial Intelligence Wheel adapting the world to player choices
  • Strategic turn-based combat with initiative turn system
  • Active Response Battle system allows for engaging turn-based combat that keeps players on their toes
  • Procedural Dungeons that adapt to the wheel spins
  • Build and customize homes in the lore-rich region of Kismet’s Fall
  • Manage and defend Kismet’s Fall as the protector, upgrade buildings and prepare for sieges
  • Rich story that ties actions to the outcomes of fate
  • Craft items, weapons, and armor to head into battle
  • Billions of gear combinations to build a character in any way

Assuming all goes well, Wheel Of Fate will become playable in the first quarter of 2020, when it appears on Steam Early Access. Secure your copy by pledging here.