WB Just Finished A Batgirl Movie And Plans To NEVER EVER Release It


Wow. It’s not often we run across a news item that literally makes our jaws hit the floor with a “BONNGGGGGG” sound effect straight out of Tom and Jerry, but WB just pulled it off. Last year the studio announced plans to film a Batgirl movie with Leslie Grace as the title character. Now their new, brilliant owners at Discovery have decided not to go through with that movie. But here’s the thing: the movie’s done. It’s on the shelf. They spent $70 million creating it. And now they have decided to do nothing with it.

You might be thinking, how bad must this movie be? Allegedly that is not the reason Batgirl won’t see release. The reported reason from WB is a pretty irritating, cold-corporate rationale: Batgirl won’t be released because it was made specifically for HBO Max and Discovery wants DC movies to be exclusively big-budget, theatrical affairs. That’s the only reason.

So many things hurt our heads about this. There’s the fact that Discovery wants to cut costs and yet they just shelved a $70 million movie with no plans of recouping that investment. There’s the fact that you’d think if one DC movie would be shelved, it’d be The Flash, whose star can’t stay out of trouble. The bad publicity surrounding that film is nuts and yet it’s still on track for a 2023 release.

In addition to Grace, Batgirl would have starred JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Brendan Fraser as Firefly and, most intriguingly, Michael Keaton reprising Batman. Wonder what that would’ve been like. Barring a bootleg leak, we’ll never know.