One of many reasons we’re hyped about the upcoming Disney+ streaming service is that its existence gives Disney an excuse to produce the “lost” seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the arc that was meant to wrap the series up. The Clone Wars was cancelled midway through its sixth season due to Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and their desire (back then) to take the TV department in a different direction.

Now, thanks to an event called Star Wars Celebration, we get our first real look at the new, resurrected season. The trailer was shown off 52 minutes into the Clone Wars panel at the event.

Since I didn’t actually watch The Clone Wars when it was running, I’m not entirely clear on the events of this trailer and who everyone is in it. I do know Ahsoka was Anakin’s apprentice, but she split ties with him towards the end of the original run (the scene in question opens this trailer). Everyone wondered if Ahsoka was going to live through Palpatine’s “exterminate all Jedi” order, and was headed for a tragic end once The Clone Wars wrapped up.

But Ahsoka appeared as an older woman in Star Wars Rebels, so we know she survives whatever is about to happen here. Leaked deleted animatics from when these episodes were in the planning stages indicate this is an incident called the Siege of Mandalore, a major defining event in Ahsoka’s life. It may also be when she first met Darth Maul, whom she re-confronts in Rebels.

We don’t know exactly when the lost season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will appear on Disney+, but it’s expected to show up within its first year.