So…how many of you thought the Thanos Snap would be a permanent thing? Most of the media-savvy types who seek out sites like this were probably never fooled. The existence of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer may come as a shock to your sheltered great aunt with the porcelain elephant collection, however.

Marvel and Disney have been pretty diligent at maintaining the illusion, previewing none of their upcoming movies at cons, and running nothing except the prequel Captain Marvel between Infinity War and next May. Sony, meanwhile, is not beholden to such rules, and they’re like “screw it, here’s the Tom Holland Spider-Man alive and swinging.”

We’ve known the title of the sequel for some time, but at last we know what it means: Peter Parker is taking a trip to Europe. He thinks he won’t be doing any crimefighting so far from his own turf, but Nick Fury — who shows up in his hostel bedroom out of nowhere — has other plans for him. Hydro-Man is on the loose locally, and Doctor Strange may not be enough to handle him.

But the problems never stop: Hydro-Man isn’t the only baddie stomping around. The villainous illusion master Mysterio has appeared, played by Jake Gyllenhall. Can Spidey handle all this AND successfully woo Zendaya??

We want to buy our tickets yesterday. Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters July 5, 2019.

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