Independent films and shorts rarely get as ambitious as Daughter of Dismay*, an Austrian art film by director James Quinn. Shorts like this are notorious for their low-budget looks, but this one has been filmed entirely in 70MM IMAX photography.

There will be regular 35MM and 70MM prints of Daughter of Dismay, but only the truly chosen theaters will get the IMAX version. Why the extravagance? As Quinn tells it, “Daughter of Dismay was always supposed to be a big project, presented in the most epic format it could be presented in. At first we were aiming for regular 70mm, but upgraded to 70mm IMAX only weeks before the shoot.”

Quinn adds, “There’s a certain magic about seeing something on actual film on the big screen, especially in 70mm. I was always extremely interested in this epic aspect of movies, where you don’t just go to watch something, but actually experience the entire movie to a point that’s almost physical, as part of a spectacle that evokes greater feelings than just simple entertainment. As a big fan of horror cinema, I wanted to combine this experience that 70mm and 70mm IMAX brings with occult and horror elements, something that’s very unusual for this format, something that I think is very exciting.”

Daughter of Dismay tells the surreal and mystical tale of an emotionally broken witch. She enters the darkness of the woods to fulfill her biggest desire, for which she takes extreme and radical measures that will have sinister consequences. Portrayed in elegant painting-like, the film is an epic, moving and emotional trip through a world of witchcraft and occultism, leading to a heartbreaking and melancholic finale.

You may not have the gear to properly project the YouTube trailer, so for full effect, try to sit as close to the screen as you can. Daughter of Dismay will be released in IMAX theaters, 70mm theaters and film festivals in late 2019

*I accidentally typed Daughter of Disney when first writing this out, and I was greatly tempted to keep the mistake there.