It’s been a busy few weeks for Warface. The tactical FPS will be taking players to Mars next month, and right now, it’s sending them all to Japan. The “Sunrise” update, already available on PC, was added to the PS4 and XBox One versions today.

This new co-op campaign pits your team against a branch of the Blackwood military organization that’s carrying out a series of mysterious rocket launches from a remote island in the Pacific. We’ve already been spoiled as to where THAT’S going, but the important thing is that we get there. Expect new quests, weapons to collect, and achievements to earn with this update.

  • Brand-new stealth mode will allow players to coordinate their actions and defeat all enemies at once without triggering an alarm system.
  • Portable energy shield will protect the players’ team from the enemies, but only one of the squad members is allowed to use it, requiring strategic cooperation.
  • New enemies and bosses, that can only be taken down by a well-coordinated team. Among them: SED-2, the cybernetic Blackwood soldiers, and Firestarter, equipped with a flamethrower.
  • New unlockable weapon set inspired by the traditional Yakuza tattoos.

Also watch for the “Mars” update which is coming to all versions in June. Warface is available now for PS4, XBox One and PC.