Strap on your VR goggles and travel back to the days of the Gold Rush in Cave Digger, the virtual mining adventure from development studio Mekiwi. Now there’s even more content to mine, as Mekiwi releases this free update titled “Railway To The Depths.” The update is available for all VR platforms and it’s free.

Although this game allegedly takes place in the past, Mekiwi doesn’t entirely commit to that, dubbing the setting an “alternate Western.” Your main tool is a crude pickaxe, but you’ll also have access to things like “a rock-breaker glove” and a “selfie cam equipped matter scanner.”

“We felt the game wasn’t finished yet and there was a lot of potential if we let the players wander outside of the elevator,” says VR Producer Jani Kaipainen of Cave Digger. “I think by giving this update for free, the game offers enough exploration and adventure for the price tag. Our sincere thanks go also to Business Finland and Oculus for making this possible. We are excited to announce more VR productions later this year.”

Key New Features

  • Free-roaming in the expanded game world
  • Many hours of added gameplay
  • One new ending
  • Companion to help carry the weight of the riches
  • An upgradeable train to move around

The Cave Digger: Railway to the Depths update is included in the Cave Digger: Riches DLC on Steam, Cave Digger: Riches on Oculus and Viveport stores, and Cave Digger on the Playstation Store.

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