Viz Media is one of the worlds leading groups when it comes to anime, and they are always looking for new opportunities to release them to the world at large! Now, Viz has announced that three animes are going to get their first releases on home media via them! Here’s the breakdown:

Accel World: Infinite Burst:

The first feature film for the fan-favorite ACCEL WORLD series debuts October 23rd in Blu-ray or DVD options! In ACCEL WORLD: INFINITE BURST, Haruyuki and his friends must confront a powerful ancient being that has been sealed away since the dawn of the game in order to protect the bond that connects all of them to the Accelerated World!

Then, comes the ever popular Sailor Moon via her second film:

Sailor Moon, Luna, and the Sailor Guardians must defeat an icy foe in SAILOR MOON S: THE MOVIEnow available! The ancient Princess Snow Kaguya has returned with a chilling plan to freeze the earth! Her diabolical plan requires the recovery of a missing piece of her ice crystal, and Sailor Moon and her team are the only hope the world has of avoiding an eternal Winter!

Finally, the second season of TerraFormars:

Also available on October 23rd in a Blu-ray / DVD combo pack is the gritty TERRAFORMARS: REVENGE, season 2 of the sci-fi horror series! The hyper-evolved cockroaches of Mars are not the only enemies the Annex 1 crew face – an unknown enemy is also pulling strings behind the scenes! Alliances are shattered, friends turn into enemies, and the mystery of the Terraformars grows ever deeper!

So as you can see, Viz Media is truly  bringing it with the anime.

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