Mad Otter Games, a Eugene, OR-based development team, is about to introduce a new expansion to its mainly-mobile MMO, Villagers and Heroes. V&H was meant to be a mobile title, but a version for PC has been released since.

The expansion is called Wrath of the Black Thrush and it not only expands the play area, but overhauls the UI system and introduces a new gameplay mechanic. In addition, the level cap has been raised to 90.

Battle The Black Thrush!
The latest chapter in the ongoing narrative of the Black Thrush has arrived. This all-new mid-level content is an action-packed ride featuring:

Dense new story-driven quests
A journey through 9 different zones
All new quest mechanics and rewards
New voiced dialogue
New characters and bounty bosses

All New Mobile Features
This highly polished expansion includes a vast amount of exciting new improvements for mobile, such as:

New grid-based mobile inventory
Exciting new art and effects for quest rewards
A redesigned, more easy to use main menu
All new storage design

New High-Level Content
With a level cap of 90 to strive for, high-level players can now explore the Zorian Marshlands. Continue the adventure with the Lumineers, which includes:

A challenging new zone
All new quests and bosses
New rewards, and more!

Scaled to level for all players, this expansion introduces repeatable group content to the game with three all-new dungeons. Dungeon features include:

Unlimited gameplay
Repeatable quests
Fabulous rewards
Competitive tiers of prizes based upon speed
Diversity of accolades chosen by the player

With Wrath of the Black Thrush, Villagers and Heroes is now even better. Check it out when it goes live September 24.

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