There are a lot of roguelikes out there, but in most cases, your main goal is your own survival. Developer Indoor Astronaut’s Unrailed! does things a bit differently. For one thing, it’s a multiplayer experience where two to four people can join in. The bigger difference, however, is the train.

There’s a train rolling through each procedurally generated world, and your main job is to keep the tracks clean and prevent it from crashing. You’ve got weird bumps to fix, rocks to remove, and monsters to chase away. And you’ve all got to be quick about it, or the train goes BOOM! Unrailed! contains several modes including Endless and Co-op.

Key Features:

  • Unstoppable train action!
  • Rogue-like gameplay: Procedurally generated worlds for immense replay value.
  • Various landscapes, inhabitants and quests.
  • “Endless mode“: Constant new challenges with various difficulty settings.
  • Crafting elements: Railroad tracks don’t construct themselves, after all.
  • Co-op multiplayer: Online or locally in Party Mode.
  • Versus Mode for competitive track-laying.

A beta version of Unrailed! will be arriving on Steam Early Access this summer. the first folks to play it will be attendees of DreamHack 2019 in Leipzig, Germany, where Unrailed! will make its public debut.