Uncork’d is distributing the now horror flick Scarecrows on VOD platforms next month. As the movie opens, a bunch of teenagers happen to be rushing through a remote cornfield, on a trip to find a remote lake. Little do they know they’re stepping into an unspeakable horror….

You see, the farmer who owns this field is fed up with reckless trespassers like these guys. And he used to use standard straw scarecrows, but they just weren’t doing the job. Why not solve two problems at once….and turn the rowdy teenagers INTO scarecrows? It’s a perfect plan!

….Except when you think about the fact that crows are scavengers, and the smell of dead things will attract them like flies, defeating the purpose. It’ll also literally attract flies, and all sorts of other creatures….creatures that happen to find crops yummy. I don’t think this farmer thought this plan through. Assuming he doesn’t get arrested, he’ll be out of business within two months.

Realistic or not, Scarecrows is on its way. It stars Hannah Gordon (Hurt), Mike Taylor (Pure) and Umed Amin (A Simple Favor), and was directed by Stu Stone, from a script co-written by Stone and Adam Rodness. Look for it on VOD December 11, followed by its DVD release February 1.

While on a hike to find a secret lagoon, a group of friends have no choice but to pass through an ominous cornfield. Unbeknownst to them, the farm owner despises trespassers and has vowed to kill anyone who crosses his land by turning them into living scarecrows, leaving them to rot in his fields. Once one goes up… it never comes down.