You can now secure a copy of Ultimate Nintendo: Guide To The SNES Library on Kickstarter. What is that, exactly, you ask? Allow us to explain….

If you browse the gamer enthusiast section of YouTube with some regularity, you’re probably familiar with Pat Contri, the Brillo-haired NES Punk, and his Completely Unnecessary Podcast. Pat owns every single NES cartridge. including the really rare ones. No one has devoted his life more thoroughly to the ins and outs of the Nintendo Entertainment System, and in 2016 Pat published all that knowledge into book form.

Ultimate Nintendo: Guide To The NES Library came out that summer — a hefty full-color hardcover tome containing descriptions, screenshots and reviews of EVERY NES game ever released. Considering there are over 900 of them, it was no small feat. The book was great, and everybody started begging Pat for an SNES follow-up. For many months he refused, and then he quietly admitted he had started one.

Thus Ultimate Nintendo: Guide To The SNES Library was born. Of course, Pat’s area of expertise is the NES, not the SNES. That’s why he’s enlisted help from his friends. A crew of retro gaming experts has been assembled to compile and review every SNES game: Asheton “Ashi” Phinney, Kyh Yang, Daniel Greenberg, Peter Skerritt, Jim Evans, Mike Vito, Karen Niemla, Dagan Moriarty, Daniel Anderson, and Alli Flanagan. You may not know the names, but most have minds overflowing with 16-bit expertise.

And there are some names involved you DO know: Pat’s contemporary YouTube stars will be contributing special guest articles in certain sections. Look for pieces from James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Norm Caruso (The Gaming Historian), Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy), Kelsey Lewin (part of Metal Jesus Rocks as well as her own series), and more TBD.

The campaign for Ultimate Nintendo: Guide To The SNES Library is now live on Kickstarter and will remain open for the next 29 days. The digital version is a $30 pledge, the physical version is a $60 pledge, and both at once are a $70 pledge.

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