Twinkling Watermelon: Do You Know What ‘CODA’ Means?


Twinkling Watermelon is a Korean drama series, released in 2023, has 16 episodes, and is streaming on Viki. It is categorized as a Musical, Romance, Time-Travel, Fantasy, and Coming-of-age High School or Youth drama.

Ha Eun Gyeol Learns to Play Guitar and What ‘coda’ Means

In “Twinkling Watermelon”, a young man has to choose his path in life. But first, he has to discover that he even has that path. Sometimes a warning is not a warning. Ha Eun Gyeol was told bad things about a person and warned to never go near him.

One day that “bad person” showed him kindness and he realized he had been told a lie. That person also taught him how to play the guitar. Ha Eun Gyeol turned out to be a gifted musician. He might have never known he possessed this talent if he had not met the owner of a music shop.

Ha Eun Gyeol learned to play the guitar when he was in the 4th grade (about 9 to 10 years old) and continued to play as he got older. He would leave his house at night and go play on the streets in a public space. People gathered to hear him and he enjoyed it. But he never told his family that he had a dream of being a guitarist.

Members from a band approached him and asked if he wanted to be their guitarist. He accepted, but later changed his mind. He was conflicted. No matter which path he takes, it will be heartbreaking. If he does not pursue a music career, it will break his heart. If he does pursue music, it will break his father’s heart.

As if it was not hard enough to make this decision, he finally met the daughter of the old man who taught him music. She gave him a guitar that her father wanted him to have. Ha Eun Gyeol thought he made his final decision but when he received the guitar, he started thinking all over again.

What should he do? Choose the life he wanted to live or live the life his father wanted him to live. This is a tough decision. Perhaps if he had a fight with his dad about playing in a band and then time-traveled back to the year 1995 when his father, Ha Lee Chan, was in high school, that would help him decide. Ya think? (O.o)

Main Characters:

Viewership and Rating:

As a Viki subscriber, “Twinkling Watermelon” kept appearing as a suggestion for my watch list. But I watched “The Matchmakers” and other 2023 K-dramas. So I did not get around to watching this K-drama series until this year, 2024. It is impossible not to fall in love with the entire family instantly.

The main character, Ha Eun Gyeol, is a boy with two deaf parents and a deaf brother. He is the CODA (which stands for “child of deaf adult”). Because he was the only one in his family who could hear, they depended on him a lot. But there was another type of “coda”. His guitar teacher also told him that he was a “coda”. In music, “coda” means to conclude a song nicely.

Watching the main character’s journey from childhood to young adulthood was so heartwarming and touching. It’s hard to choose your path in life when your parents see you on a different path and truly believe that you were sent to them from heaven. It’s also sad when you’re a gifted musician but your loving family can’t hear you play your instrument.

When Ha Eun Gyeol travels back in time and meets his parents when they were younger, you love them all even more. You also like his friends in high school: the ones in the present and the ones in the past. The name chosen for his band is so adorable: Watermelon Sugar. (Sort of took me back to my past and reminded me of the bands I grew up listening to that were named after food, like Vanilla Fudge, Bananarama, Marmalade, etc.)

(I’m rather surprised by the MDL (My Drama List) rating.)

My personal rating is 9 out of 10 stars (same as IMDb).

♦ Interesting Quote and My Thoughts:

I thought this was an interesting quote. To think that there is a country that banned music. I used to think countries that tried to stop their citizens from learning how to read and write were the worst. But to live where music is banned? That’s beyond cruel. It’s the destruction of the human soul!

The name of the shop where Ha Eun Gyeol learned to play the guitar was “Viva Music”. I agree. Long live music!



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