Tron 3 Is Real; Will Feature Gillian Anderson


Disney owns a lot of cool things today, but forty years ago, all they had was Tron. As the decades have gone on, and the company has swallowed IP after IP, it felt like the stylistic cyberpunk universe they originally created would be forgotten and buried by Star Wars and Marvel stuff. At least I personally never expected any movement on Tron 3, but I’m pleased to report it’s being considered.

Not just considered, in fact, but a very real, moving production — they’re signing on actors for this thing now. Tron 3 was announced as “Tron Ares,” with Jared Leto in the title role. Ares is described as a “fictional character who crosses over from the world of video games to planet Earth,” a reversal from the previous two films about a real person who steps into the game world. Now Deadline has broken the news that Gillian Anderson will be appearing alongside Leto, in her greatest role within a computer since her turn as Data Nully in the 90s Canadian cartoon “ReBoot.”

Aside from the description of Ares’ character, not much is known about the plot of Tron 3. No one even knows if it’s connected to Tron: Legacy, if it only accepts the first movie as canon, or if it’s a completely new take. I guess we’ll just have to be surprised.

Other cast members for Tron 3 include Evan Peters, Jodie Turner-Smith, Greta Lee, Cameron Monaghan, and Sarah Desjardins. The movie is now in production somewhere within the Disney grid; believed to be shooting for a 2025 release.