Blacklava Entertainment has announced they’re bringing Grindhouse Entertainment’s Triptychon of Fear to Digial Versatile Disc this July. This isn’t your typical horror movie feature with a 90-minute plot structure. This is an anthology picture, featuring three chilling tales of terror:

Episode I:  Driven by financial problems, a drug addicted couple decides to commit a big crime, so that they can start a new life. Fleeing the scene of the crime, they end up in a wreck, only to discover their nightmare is just beginning.
Episode II: A man finds himself trapped in an old attic, the prisoner of a mysterious force. Desperate to find his way out while surrounded by ghostly apparitions, he begins to lose his mind.
Episode III: A young woman flees to her home, pursued by a mysterious stranger. Safe in her house, she wonders if she imagined the shape that followed her from the park. Settling into a bath, the true horror of her night awaits her.

Episodes I and III were directed by someone who goes by the pen name El Gore, while Episode II was directed by Cedric Endress. Triptychon of Fear stars Isabelle Fitzgerald, Christian Fryska, El Excremento (bet he’s fun at parties), Claudio De Giacomo, Cedric Endress and El Gore himself. There’s also colorful music by Musica Non Grate & Cortello Stigma.

And when the movie is done, the fright’s not over: Triptychon of Fear has over an hour of bonus features, including a making of featurette, outtakes, behind the scenes footage, El Gore’s never before released short film Salvation, the trailer, and a picture gallery.

Triptychon of Fear is coming July 13 wherever DVDs are sold!

trypticon of fear

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