It wouldn’t be an action RPG without special moves. The original Trials of Mana had ’em, and next April’s remake will have them too in the form of Class Strikes. Today Square revealed the special moves for each character and what they do.

Angela has the Double Slash, which lets her lunge forward quickly and slash with her wand.

Reisz uses the Whirlwind Spear, which spawns a tornado that stuns the enemy before Reisz deals a blow.

Hawkeye uses Poison Dagger, a devastating two-handed knife attack no Rabite wants to be at the end of.

Duran has Cross Cut, which is a sudden leap forward followed by a giant cross-slash.

Kevin prefers Phemonenal Fist, because of his phenomenal fists. His heel kick and punch combo even gets his feet into the action.

Charlotte, the tiniest one, probably won’t eclipse any of the others with her Whackbam, but it’s a very Charlotte move — she bounces like a marshmallow before delivering a special blow with her flail.

Trials of Mana journeys to Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC April 24, 2020. Those who preorder the game on any of these systems, OR purchase Trials of Mana within its first month, will receive a code for the Rabite Adornment DLC — giving you a head start by boosting your battle EXP until you reach Level 10. The PC version will also include some wallpapers in addition to the DLC.