Wizards of the Coast is teaming up with Hasbro to produce a Transformers card game. We don’t know much at this early date, but we do know these bots are coming to Earth.

The Transformers card game is described as a competitive dueling game for two or more players, so the mechanics will be familiar to those who’ve played similar games before — but, since this needs a Transformer twist, the cards themselves will transform! How is it done?

…..By flipping them over. Sorry if you were expecting something more flashy, or actual origami. But we’ve gotta keep these cards mint! Your main battle deck will contain a set of large-sized “character cards” featuring artwork of Autobots and Decepticons. The smaller cards contain commands and actions for them.

When the Transformers card game launches in September of 2018, only the basic Autobot-themed set and the first wave of booster packs will be available. But if you plan to attend San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, you’ll find a pre-release set of four collector cards at Hasbro’s booth.