High Octane Pictures has announced a release date for Tower Of Silence, their upcoming fantasy epic.

The premise is awfully familiar: there’s a powerful item out there, so powerful that it’s simply too dangerous to let exist. So a band of intrepid explorers set out to find and destroy it. But the forces of evil want it, and are determined to find it first, so a lot of battles ensue. That’s Tolkien in a nutshell, but it’s also Tower of Silence. Expect the same plotline as the LOTR movies, only with one-twentieth the budget.

The film’s writer and director, Erik Flynn Patton (“The Legend of Ben Hall”), doesn’t just cite Lord of the Rings as inspiration….he also took some pages from The Princess Bride (so expect a bit of goofiness) and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (so also expect some horror elements). Tower of Silence stars Jenny Sterlin, Brandon Tyler Harris and Taylor Rose, and it will be out December 3 on DVD and digital.

When the great sorceress Kae is captured by a mysterious enemy, her young followers devise a plan to rescue her. Jenny Sterlin, Brandon Tyler Harris, and Taylor Rose star.
Tower of Silence on DVD and Digital December 3 from High Octane Pictures.