Tomb Raider Trilogy Is Free On PC, But For This Week Only


Epic has Fortnite cash to burn, and it isn’t afraid to throw it around to make its Epic Games Store a serious competitor to Steam. They’re using that cash to do something Steam won’t — give away free games, and not the throwaway kind.

Since last year, Epic has given out one free game a month, but just for the holiday season, they started handing out one per DAY through the month of December. Shenmue III, Loop Hero, Control (original edition), Moving Out, Salt & Sanctuary and Prey were all freebies on Epic in the last few weeks…and if this is the first you’re hearing about it, uh, sorry.

What we’re NOT too late to inform you about is the final and biggest giveaway of the month: Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Trilogy. We don’t mean Tomb Raider I – III from the 90s. We mean the most very recent ones, sometimes referred to as the “Survival Trilogy” because they introduced survival-game elements to the series. 2013’s self-titled Tomb Raider, 2016’s Rise of the Tomb Raider and 2019’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider cost zero dollars right now. Even better, these are the Definitive Editions with all the DLC included.

All you need to claim the trilogy is an account with Epic Games. Then from the main page, navigate down to the middle and click on each individual picture of Lara. The games are listed separately so you will have to do this three times…but once you receive your E-mail confirmations, the games are yours. You’ll need to download the Epic Launcher to play them.

The Tomb Raider trilogy will be free on the Epic Games Store until January 6 at 8 AM.