Thor: Love And Thunder Hits Blu-Ray And DVD Today


Disney and Marvel Studios have released the latest Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, on physical formats today.

A lot has happened since Thor 3 (and all the crossover movies Thor appeared in). But there’s one thing this muscular god-person wasn’t prepared for: the emergence of a supervillain with the desire to kill the gods and the resources to do it. To stop Gorr the God Butcher, Thor won’t just need help from his usual allies…why, he would practically need another Thor! That request is granted when, out of nowhere, his ex-girlfriend lands from the sky wielding his ex-weapon, Mjolnir. Well, at least they’re happy together.

Why should you go for the Blu over what you can watch on Disney+ right now? Because the physical release is packed with special features like these:

Bonus Features


Deleted Scenes

Fighting For You – Zeus gifts Thor a special tool after overhearing a heartfelt conversation

Thor: Love And Thunder is available now on 4K, Blu-Ray and DVD formats.