Anyone remember Capcom’s Darkwing Duck video game? If you were an NES owner, you most likely do…Capcom worked wonders with Disney licenses back in the day.

Recently, developer Headcannon pitched a sequel to the Darkwing game. Capcom still holds the rights, and they allowed a 2013 sequel to their DuckTales game, but unfortunately, they did not bite this time. You may know Headcannon for their work on Sonic Mania, regarded as the best Sonic of the last decade.

Rather than letting all that work sit in a drawer, Headcannon decided to upload videos of their pitch demo. It features creative contributions from Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani, the respective writer and artist behind Boom Studios’ Darkwing Duck comic book (now sadly cancelled, but amazing while it lasted).

There aren’t any voices, but similar to DuckTales Remastered, the goal was to re-hire as much of the original voice cast as possible, with the exception of Christine Cavanaugh who has the double excuse of being retired since 2002 and also dead.

For now, you can do more than watch the demo…you can even play it by going to this link on the Headcannon website.