Uncork’d Entertainment will be introducing the suspense thriller This Is Our Home to DVD and digital on December 3.

There once was a couple who wanted a kid. But they couldn’t conceive one, so guess what they did?
They went on vacation to a secluded house, and just as the man started kissing his spouse,
A knock on the door! Why, who could it be?
A small little child of no more than three.
But what came out of his mouth seemed awfully wrong:
He claimed that the couple were his dad and mom.
Surely she would have remembered the labor,
But somehow the child was winning their favor.
So they let him inside and they shut the doors tight,
And boy were they both in for one creepy night.

This Is Our Home was written by Robert Harmon and directed by Omri Dorani. It stars Jeff Ayars and Simone Policano, and should be arriving early next month on DVD and on-demand, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.

Omri Dorani’s caravan of suspense This is Our Home premieres on DVD and Demand this December from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Jeff Ayars and Simone Policano star in the chilling account of a struggling couple who, during a weekend getaway, are greeted in the middle of the night by a child claiming to be their son.