The crowdfunding campaign for Free League Publishing’s Things From The Flood was a rousing success. After asking for just 100,000 in Swedish krona, the campaign wound up earning 4,249,903 krona, which translates to $467,683.13 in US currency — almost half a million dollars.

22 stretch goals were unlocked over the course of the campaign, adding items like a new dice set, a GM screen, a printed mystery book, a mystery generator, and several additional mysteries by esteemed game writers like Nils Hintze and Rickard Antroia.

Things from The Flood is an expansion pack for the award-winning Tales from The Loop, the RPG that takes Simon Stålenhag’s stirring retro monster art and creates a tabletop narrative around it. The game was enough of a success that Amazon bought the rights to develop a potential TV series. Unsurprisingly, more is on the way.

Things From The Flood adapts another one of Stålenhag’s art books and brings back the characters from the first. Now they’re teenagers in the 1990s…what will happen to them this time? It’s up to you, but according to Free League, this expansion is darker than the original, and it’s fully possible for someone to die.

If you missed the campaign entirely, Free League should be selling Things From The Flood on their website sometime in 2019. It will definitely be a product now.

things from the flood

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