For those of you wondering if there would be Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo, the answer is “yes.” Nintendo’s Japanese website confirmed that new amiibo would be out upon the release of the game. Nintendo had confirmed previously that amiibo would still be a part of Smash Bros Ultimate and that all previous amiibo would work with the Switch game.

The big question is….is Nintendo planning to reissue all 66 (and counting) current Smash Bros characters in new poses, or are they just talking about making figures for the newcomers? At this early stage, we don’t know, but we have enough information to speculate.

Ridley, the Inklings and Daisy were confirmed as Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo shortly after they were revealed in their trailers. Today Nintendo of Japan followed that up by revealing that returning characters would be getting amiibo as well, confirming Ice Climbers and Pichu. (We’re guessing Snake is on the way, even though they’ve said nothing. Get in line for that one.)

The amiibo market has cooled down in recent months — stores no longer dedicate a specific rack to them. Because of this, the days of flooding the market with twelve to fifteen new ones at once are probably over. Based on that alone, and the fact that the only announced new Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo are new characters (or those who didn’t get figures last time)….we’d say Nintendo does NOT expect us to rebuy everybody, thank goodness.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be out December 7 for Nintendo Switch.