The Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is totally rad, and we’re not just saying that because it’s historically appropriate. We’ve watched this at least five times in a row; it’s just that good. Princess Diana soars through a stormy sky, performs spectacular slo-mo stunts, chases criminals through Starcourt Mall, and at the end reveals an awesome new set of body armor. And that rearrangement of a Depesche Mode ditty is just exquisite. Hear for yourself.

Note: I’m being told it’s not Depesche Mode, it’s actually a band named New Order. Who the heck is New Order and why do they sound exactly like Depesche Mode? Forget it, it’s by Depesche Mode now, because I said so.

Wonder Woman 1984 features the return of Gal Gadot as the title character, Robin Wright and Connie Nelson as her Amazonian allies Antiope and Hippolyta, Pedro Pascal as the villainous Maxwell Lord, and Kristen Wiig as an archaeologist named Barbara Ann, who’s going to become Wondy’s arch-nemesis Cheetah.

One thing that’s puzzling some people is the presence of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s traditional love interest, and almost-boyfriend from the original movie…who died. In the 1910s. What is he doing walking around in the 80s? DC hasn’t come out and said it, but we have a good guess as to what’s going on….

The Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter took place in two different eras. The first season happened during World War II, while the second and third seasons happened in the present-day late 70s. Steve Trevor was in all three seasons, played by the same actor….because there was a second Steve Trevor that was a descendant of the first one. See how that works?

Now the only problem is the implication that he remembers her somehow. We dunno. Something something magic.

Wonder Woman 1984 was originally scheduled to come out this month. Yeah, against Star Wars. They wisely changed their minds about that, and it’s now due out next summer. The glowing lasso swings again on June 5.