Geralt and his friends are getting shrunk down to Switch size this fall: CD Projekt Red and Saber Interactive (the ones making this version of the game) have confirmed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition will become available for Nintendo’s handheld October 15.

Witcher 3 needs no introduction to modern gamers; it is one of the most popular and well-played video games of this generation, and it earned developer CD Projekt Red legions of devoted fans, fans who now hang on their every word regarding their upcoming new game, Cyberpunk 2077.

Nothing will be missing from the other versions of the game…except a few scanlines. Witcher 3 on Switch runs at 540p in handheld mode, and 720p with dynamic resolution enabled in docked mode. If you care about seeing characters’ nose hairs that much, you can skip this release, but the majority of people interested in this version are in it for the portability.

Here’s some news we should all applaud: there will no extra downloads required to get Witcher 3 onto your Switch. The entire game will be on the card, 100% physical. Saber can do this because they requested the 32GB Switch card instead of the more commonly used 16GB version. However. that means The Witcher 3 on Switch will cost the full retail price of $59.99 (this is the reason why stuff gets left off Switch cards).

Want to watch the Switch version in action? Here is over forty minutes of gameplay recorded by the dev team. Clear your lunch hour and check this out. The Witcher 3 comes to Switch October 15.

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