Legion, the most nonsensical superhero-based television series since Superfriends, has a guaranteed third season coming up. However, showrunner Nathan Hawley just confirmed it will be the last.

The show, apparently, was always intended to run just three seasons. But there’s a special guest coming for the climax, one you never expected….Professor X himself.

Charles Xavier is the father of David Haller, and this fact was only briefly hinted at when a scene of Baby David was intercut with a shot of a wheelchair with “X” designs in the spokes. It was the general assumption we would never actually see Professor X on this show, because some superhero franchises like to save “the big guys” for movies exclusively.

He’s been confirmed now, though. Harry Lloyd has been cast as the powerful bald telepath, and Stephanie Corneliussen will play David’s mother. The mention of both parents could mean the Prof only appears in a flashback, but….that would be lame, and we’re really hoping the series ends with a psychic showdown between father and son.

Because the big question regarding Legion is if the show is about the origin of a hero, or a villain. The comics version of Legion is a villain. For the majority of the existing episodes we’d been led to believe TV David was a good guy who was just confused, but he made a heel turn in the second season finale. This summer we’ll find out if it’s a hint at something larger.

Will Charles have to battle David for the fate of mankind? Will lots of weird and trippy things happen on the way there? We can at least answer the latter question confidently. Legion returns this June on FX.

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