The Sea Beast, An adventure from the Makers of Big Hero 6 and Moana


The Sea Beast is an Animated adventure coming to Netflix. This Epic Ocean adventure is written and directed by Chris Williams. He is more associated with Disney with movies like Big Hero 6 and Moana. His experience with Moana shines through with the ocean scenery of this movie. Netflix worked with Disney Animators before and made original movies with them. Over The Moon and Vivo are both collaborations of Netflix with Disney Animators. This is going to be Chris William’s first movie outside Disney.

The Concept of hunting Sea Monsters might be too edgy for Disney, but Netflix will be more open with such a Concept. The designs of the monsters are highly detailed and sophisticated. They look intimidating enough without being a Nightmare fuel for children. A video game tie-in would be fantastic because these creatures look like something you will want to have in a video game boss fight.

The Sea Beast Official Trailer

Jacob Holland (Karl Urban from The Boys) is a famed Monster Hunter who catches dangerous beasts lurking in the oceans. Many Seafarers felt safer on their travels because there was a hero who captured and slain these monsters. Maisie Brumble (Zaris-Angel Hator) is a young stowaway who sneaked into Captain Holland’s ship.

The Hero and the Stowaway will have amazing adventures while facing these Sea Monsters plaguing the uncharted oceans. Their Dynamic reminds me of Captain Ahab and Starbuck from Moby Dick. If Pirate Adventures is your Jam, You are the target audience of this ocean adventure.

I strongly feel that if this film gets popular enough, I can see PETA making complaints about it. Overfishing and pollution have put several sea species in jeopardy in the real world. Especially the Whales that look similar to one of the monsters the heroes encounter. You can watch The Sea Beast on Netflix this July 8.