A dev studio called Dimension 144 is currently working on an ambitious video game called The Photographer. There haven’t been too many photography games (most people can only think of Pokemon Snap and that’s it), but Dimension 144 aims to bring something people haven’t seen before.

In a place called the Second Dimension, you control an adult photographer who wanders around a futuristic city looking for interesting things to capture with his camera. Fortunately, interesting things tend to show up all the time in this city….in fact, aliens just visited! And they came via a giant hand in the sky reaching through a giant portal!

Here’s where things get weird: that hand in the sky? It belongs to an 11-year-old boy. And the things that show up in the Second Dimension? They’re toys and objects that he puts in his backpack, which contains a portal to the Second Dimension. Once in that dimension, the toys become real. Is the boy even aware of that?

“[The Photographer] is a Cause and Effect Open World Sandbox,” says Dimension 144. “A whole new game engine and software programming had to be created for this title. The Artificial Intelligence unit works hard and makes every NPC off-the-rails with their own lives and reactions to each addition in the reality.”

Dimension 144’s promotional video for The Photographer contains only sketches and no demo footage, so we assume it’ll be a long time before we see this game. If they can pull off what they’re promising, they could be headed for big things.