Independent development studio Black Corporation has launched the first chapter of The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John for PC and Mac, now available for free on and IndieExpo.

The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John is a bizarre and surreal point and click psychological horror adventure in which you take on the role of a man suffering paranoia whose aim is to survive in his room until Christmas.

“We started developing The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John back in 2017 and since then the project has grown significantly”, says Alessandro Adinolfi, PR Manager at Black Corporation.

The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John is the first chapter of a title which will be fully released on Steam. The game will include 5 chapters more and it is planned for Q4 2020.

* Classic point and click adventure game.
* Inverted escape room: get the nostalgia of old 2d flash escape rooms in a revisited way.
* Try to survive inside the room until Christmas.
* Defend yourself or get some help from who come to your door.
* Various number of items and characters.
* Your actions can cause unexpected results.
* Different approaches and multiple finals.
* Paranoid guy life simulator.
* Creepy and anxiety atmosphere.