In episode 9 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Taylor, Robert, Mike, and newcomer Kyle discuss the game’s that have made us the most paranoid along with discussing the impact things like Smart Glass and the Vita will have on the gaming industry. With a heavy focus on gaming this week, expect a heavy dose of the paranormal on next week’s episode.

Intro song: The Crystal Method – Play for Real (Dirtyphonics Remix)

End song: The Heavy – ‘What Makes A Good Man?’

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  1. Another Ender fan! The enemy gate is down
    as far as the supernatural game, i think the feel you want is similar to la noir, maybe?
    the vita is capable, but the game catalog and pricing will determine commercial success.

    the angels from dr who are some of the scarier monsters to my mind (well, that and the jeepers creepers dude who runs you off the road and steals your face(the cavern under the church freaked me out))
    the scp game sounds good. what’s the name again?

    glad you mentioned the xcom game, im looking forward to this as well.

    good podcast, i think you guys covered everything I asked for last time. I must be a spirit companion after all (outta the way, Navi)!!! 🙂

    • SCP Containment Breach, I believe. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the podcast. Next week we will be focusing heavily on the paranormal since we’ve been mostly gaming the last few casts. I envision a Supernatural game being more akin to Alan Wake with a heavier focus on action.

    • I missed this ‘cast so I must include my input!! I can’t believe I missed a podcast where you talked about Ender and Supernatural. *sob*

      You know the Ender Game series was almost turned into a video game called Ender’s Game: Battle Room by Chair Entertainment, the dudes who did Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade. I LOVE THESE BOOKS, and cried like a little girl when the game was cancelled.

      Also I’m a Supernatural mega-fan and have seen every episode, read the books, and watched the anime (!). I think a third person action game would be great, but they would definitely need to have the parts about uncovering the clues and so forth into it that’s so integral to the show.

      Maybe have open world locations for each “episode” where you tool around the town, talk to folks and research and then hunting down the creature. I would like to see Rocksteady Studios, the developers behind the Arkham City and Arkham Asylum games. They’ve proven themselves competent in moving a media into another form and making it their own, have puzzles and detective sections, excel at combat, and have the open world stuff down. Do it Rocksteady.

      Handheld wise what I really want is something where I can take all my Steam or all my 360 XBLA stuff with me on the go. Please make it happen someone.

      The problem with Vita though is to continue that experience don’t you have to buy the game on both Vita and PS3 in order to carry stuff over? Keep in mind I haven’t kept up with it since I own neither now.

      I loved Suffering, both 1 and 2. Condemned for me scared the crap out of me. There is this one part where you are in an investigation portion, which is usually safe, and opening a locker a body falls out at you and I think I pooped a little on that one. The mannequins in this game, and anyone that’s played it knows, creepy as hell.

      Bullet Witch was terrible and has about a billion pieces of DLC allowing you to dress her up from mummy to school girl. What a piece of crap. For some reason I played that dumb game.

      The series I’m waiting on most is Assassin’s Creed 3. My body is ready. I’m also really stoked for Battleblock Theater from Behemoth, the dudes that made Castle Crashers, but I don’t think it’ll ever come out. EVAH. Unannounced I want right now? Vigil Games: Darksiders 3.

      Thank you so much for talking about Advent Rising. I adore that game, I even said something bout it in the last podcast.

      Top 5 things I look for in a game: story, art direction (notice I didn’t say graphics), gameplay, value, and atmosphere / setting (i.e unique fantasy world, sci fi etc, see: Bioshock etc).

      Great job guys!

  2. I played bullet witch…. not sure why i am admitting that….

    I also played clock tower, and a few of its sequels. I played it when it came out so i was in the 12-14 year old range. It was freaky at the time, i don’t believe it would hold up though. You basically walked around trying to find clues and such, won’t ruin the plot. But the “scary” stuff consists of this small guy with a HUGE pair of scissors coming after you. What was freaky is that when he would be around, the music would gradually fade in(no music if he isn’t around) and it would do it so slowly, that you would start to hear fake music… ha… and to be honest thats as far as i got in it, it was a rental and had to go back, i only had a few hours on it… but i remember it pretty clearly. You could hide, but if he heard you or anything, he would get you. He was soooo slow, so when your hiding, it just stresses you out more, because he slowly looks around. When i say slow.. i mean hiding in a bathroom stall.. and sitting there for what seemed like 2 minutes, while there were only 2 other stalls around… ultimately he heard me or something, and stabbed me through the door… on a later attempt i somehow knocked him with a broom handle and took off. I’d like to find it and play it through so i could actually know more of it, but like i said, i just don’t think it would hold up at all. The sequels were so loose compared to the first one that they might as well been called something else. I’ll finish the rest of the podcast later.

    • Wait a minute….I vaguely remember that. I remember hiding in a armoire and he’s walking around the room all slow and stuff looking for me.

      Werid that I didn’t remember the name, but I clearly remember scissor guy.

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