In episode 5 of The Paranoid Gamer podcast, Robert and Taylor reflect on the major conferences of E3 2012, and talk about the impact paranormal and conspiracy subjects have had on gaming.

Intro song: The Resistance – Muse

End song: Bastion Soundtrack – Setting Sail, Coming Home

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  1. “Fuck yeah, just slit his throat….. some more throats”, ha…

    As for the call of duty part, sounds interesting. Maybe too much change all at once? Time will tell.
    Man, you two were harsh on the 360. A passing grade, just barely
    Really looking forward to assassin creed 3. Unlike call of duty, the changes to this just seem to be more fluid upgrades, nothing to alienate fans.

    i’m just past that part of the cast, will finish the rest tomorrow, gotta get some sleep.

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