In Episode 11 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Taylor, Robert, Jimmy and Phoenix take a look at how 2012 impacted them as gamers, along with making sure to get a few jabs toward some developers and titles.

Intro song: The Submarines – 1940

End song: Journey Soundtrack – Apotheosis

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  1. Journey deserved to be nominated for GoTY because it is unlike any other game we’ve seen this generation – maybe even ever. It may only last 2-3 hours start to finish, but it stimulates emotional response to a degree no other title has achieved IMO.

    On my first playthrough, I encountered another player whom I stuck with from beginning to end; I experienced elation when I met them, panic at the thought of having lost them, appreciation when they helped me, gratification when we completed puzzles together, and the chime mechanic was a fantastic idea. Journey was a special experience – an unforgettable one worthy of every nomination and accolade it received.

    Sure, we all have our own views, but thatgamecompany created something magical here, and I don’t regret spending £9.99 on it.

    Great podcast gents.